These maps can help you learn your way around the many Worlds that comprise The Voxel Box. They also make for pretty wallpapers, too!

Holocene World Maps

  • Detailed Travel Maps of Holocene are not yet available.
MeridiaTrinithKonokopaMskZahKathosAegeaMechanicsburgCelestonThysusThe Isle of ToriffItheaUvidus
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Facet World Maps

The Wild West is over 7000x5000 blocks in size. This wallpaper Map shows the overall shape of the area.

Map of The Wild West

Download: Wallpaper Map of the Wild West (updated March 5, 2012)

This map shows the various ways of travel through the Wild West.(Made by our loving admin: AzulCaballero)

Our member-directed world, The Wild West is already host to a growing number of established towns and cities with a robust Wild West MetroVox project well underway. This world offers players on The Voxel Box the opportunity to do lots of team-building with fellow members in neighboring settlements, develop their own travel systems and get practiced with the Palceon Texture Pack with only the bare minimum of staff oversight.

The cold expanses of void comprising Deep Space are developed by hardy builders comfortable working with long periods of isolation.

Map of Deep Space

Download: Wallpaper Map of Deep Space (updated March 18, 2012)

Deep Space is a curated world, and has several ongoing projects developed by a relatively small, but dedicated group of curators and contributors. Some exciting new Space Stations are already nearing completion, and the very first terrestrial planetoids should be able to colonize in coming months. Easy travel via AstroVox and Little Wing make getting around this large, lonely world simple and easy.

Legacy Maps

A Cartograph Map of Pangea allows you to get an idea of server geography and see preview of locales.

Cartograph Map of Pangea

Download: Cartograph Map: Updated: October 12, 2011 (WARNING: 17 MB JPG)

  • This is a picture-style map of The Voxel Box's world of Pangea.
  • It will give you a good layout of the continents and let you pick out attractions to visit by sight.
  • You can find out more about each of the labeled locations on the Cities pages.

Download: Coordinate Map: Updated: December 15, 2011 (WARNING: also huge)

  • This is an unpolished map of Pangea with coordinate markers.
  • Useful for finding your old builds, as legacy warps and ports are no longer functional.
  • Coordinates may be off due to Notch's final troll as lead developer of Minecraft.