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Hello World!
A Minecraft Mod by The VoxelModPack Team
Description: Names and Bubbles
Lead Programmer & Designer: xTiming
Additional Programming: Mumfrey
Design Consultant: MehStrongBadMeh
Documentation: MehStrongBadMeh
Used In: The VoxelModPack


VoxelPlayer offers useful features relating to the player entity. Specifically, VoxelPlayer deals with enhancing what the user sees above other players heads. VoxelPlayer currently contains two distinct feature sets:

  • Extended Nameplates
  • Chat Bubbles

All of the features described below can be configured in-game by pressing F9 to bring up the VoxelPlayer GUI.

Extended Nameplates

Extended Nameplates focuses on enhancing the nameplate that hovers over the players. Extended Nameplates introduces the following features:

  • Enables the user to see the nameplate from a much greater distance than previously possible (about 2-3 times as far).
  • Adds a distance display to each players' nameplate. This allows the user to easily determine the distance between the user and other players.
  • Colors some players' names based on special criteria.

Chat Bubbles

The fabled Chat Bubbles causes a speech balloon to appear over nearby players' heads when they speak in Minecraft chat. VoxelChat will work properly on most servers without the need for server-side plugins. On servers that use custom nicknames and prefixes, VoxelModPackPlugin may be used to allow Chat Bubbles to function properly. Additionally servers may use VoxelPlayerPlugin to disable Chat Bubbles entirely. You can configure the Chat Bubbles' size and duration using the VoxelPlayer GUI. Texture pack designers can skin the Chat Bubbles per-texture pack.